We are always looking for new solar projects to purchase so if you have projects from 100 kW and up and are looking for buyers contact us. 


Interested in solar, but confused about your options?

Our Solar Broker model is designed for you

"Community Renewable Solutions did a great job helping us install a 1 MW ground-mounted solar project at our site near Bakersfield. We're very happy with their work and with the completed solar project."

Ken Hunter, CEO, Vaquero Energy (Bakersfield)

"Community Renewable Solutions did a wonderful job in assisting Allied Waste Services at our Santa Barbara location, under their solar broker model. We would certainly use them again."

Stephen MacIntosh, regional manager, Allied Waste Services

For buyers and sellers of solar and wind power projects, as your solar broker we can match developers and land owners with potential buyers of entitled solar or wind power projects. This is the traditional "flip" model where an entitled or almost entitled asset is sold to another entity for construction and operation. There is a growing market for these kinds of projects and CRS specializes in the small commercial-scale market that is often overlooked by larger financiers and brokers. CRS focuses on projects under 20 megawatts. 

For commercial or governmental entities, as your solar broker we complete an initial physical and economic analysis and help you determine the right size and technology for your site. We then issue a request for proposals to local solar installers, on your behalf, and help you to select the winning bidder to design and install your solar project. The winning bidder pays our fee in most cases.

We can also obtain permits and financing for your projects. We act as a "one stop shop" for your commercial solar needs.

Our solar broker model offers a low risk and hassle-free way to obtain actual quotes from solar companies and to select the best company at the best price for your needs.This option is ideal for companies interested in solar but perhaps without the staff time to delve deeply into what can be complex issues. Our job is to help you determine your best options and get you the best deal.

For residential solar customers, we offer a fixed-fee solar bid comparison service, as well as consulting services as required. The key value of our service is objectivity: we're not beholden to any particular installation company or type of panel. Under our solar bid comparison service we compare the bids you've already received and provide a recommendation, with reasoning, for the best bid to accept. We can do this remotely and generally all we need is a pdf of the bids you've received from solar companies. Just email us at the "Contact Us" page, or call, and we'll let you know what we'll need.