Helping businesses and communities go green and save money at the same time

"Community Renewable Solutions did a great job helping us install a 1 megawatt ground-mounted solar project at our site near Bakersfield. We're very happy with their work and with the completed solar project."

Ken Hunter, CEO, Vaquero Energy (Bakersfield)

Community Renewable Solutions, LLC, offers in-depth policy and technical advice and related services for renewable energy, energy storage and electric vehicle policy and project development. We specialize in California and Hawaii law and policy and can help in the following specific areas:

  • Interconnection Services for wholesale renewable energy projects, specializing in Fast Track under WDAT (WDT) or Rule 21 in California and other states. 
  • Solar Broker Services where we help you select the right solar installer and equipment, much like a mortgage broker helps people buy a home by finding the best mortgage deal. We also connect developers and financiers for larger project development. 
  • Policy advocacy at the California PUC and other state and federal agencies. We represent a number of non-profit and for-profit clients in our policy work. 
  • Development of "community-scale" renewable energy projects at 20 MW or less. 
  • Electric Vehicle integration policy ("electrification of transportation" and "Vehicle to Grid") and EV charger project development. 
  • Energy Storage project development for utility-scale (front of meter) or commercial-scale (behind the meter) applications. 
  • Climate Action Strategies for local governments and businesses. 
  • Energy Independence Plans for local governments and businesses, focused on renewable energy and energy efficiency. 
  • Drafting local, state or federal legislation for renewable energy and energy efficiency policy (feed-in tariffs, renewable portfolio standards, energy efficiency decoupling, etc.)
  • Speaking engagements on renewable energy law and policy, energy efficiency, climate change, and related issues. 

We are based in the beautiful towns of Santa Barbara, California and Hilo, Hawaii